November 30, 2011

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J u n e J o o n J a x x ➝ INTERVIEWS ♢ LANGDON GRAVES ♢

SCULPTURES - Heirloom / Case / Io

Langdon Graves - Artist

Where do you live
Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Website
The Library

Guilty Pleasure
The internet

3 most played songs on your iPod
Aphex Twin - Fingerbib
Radiolab Episodes

This interview made me remember 
how much I love Rachmaninoff's 2nd,
that's back on the short list

What's on your desk
Drawings, pencils, fabric, a sewing machine,
coffee, a saw, The Art of Richard Tuttle
pumpkin bread crumbs

In-flight gadget
Knitting needles

Favorite Museum
I love the old Whitney and will miss it. 
The Pompidou in Paris and
the Museum of Jurassic Technology in LA

Can't live without

Favorite Book
Satan Says by Sharon Olds

Favorite Artist
My grandfather

Someone you admire
Joseph Campbell
(these last two answers are interchangeable)

Perfect Sunday
Sunny Brooklyn bike ride

Favorite place in the world
Under my grandparents' Mimosa tree in Kill Devil Hills

Favorite Blog
McSweeney's Internet Tendency

Favorite Drink
Water that's not too cold and coffee that's not too hot

Most precious object
Whatever I'm working on

Favorite Record
Oh geez, I can't pick
Life's Rich Pageant
Bamnan & Silvercork
Roman Candle
The Fawn
This Year's Model
Summer Sun
Stakes is High
Riot on an Empty Street
Palace Music
Moon Pics
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Los Angeles
Philip Glass's First for Violin
Rachmaninoff's Second for Piano
... that's not nearly all

▲ Langdon Graves Interview Exclusive for June Joon Jaxx▼

November 29, 2011

Phoenix : Lisztomania Rising

The Lovers of Math, Metaphor and Mozart On Writing Their Infectious Pop Hit

Phoenix: Lisztomania Rising on

November 28, 2011



November 27, 2011

Cube #31 by Larry Bell

Cube #31 (2005) - Coloured glass coated with Inconel - (20 x 20 x 20 in)

November 26, 2011


Performing Arts Centre, Abu Dhabi

CHANEL Contemporary Art Container [Hong Kong - Tokyo - New York ] - Institut du Mode Arabe, Paris

Opus Tower, Dubai

Port House Antwerp, Belgium

Regium Waterfront, Reggio Calabria, Italy
Madrid Civil Courts of Justice
Galaxy Soho, Beijin

November 25, 2011

November 24, 2011


November 22, 2011

Julia Hasting

Julia Hasting is Art Director for Phaidon Press Inc.

November 21, 2011


Yves Saint Laurent Maggy Metallic Leather Wedges

November 20, 2011

Rhine II by Andreas Gursky

Rhine II, (1999) by Andreas Gursky sold for $4.3 million at Christie's New York, setting an auction record for a photograph.
Rhine II, 1999 - Chromogenic color print | 80 1/4 x 140 3/4 in

November 16, 2011