June 09, 2011

Other Criteria

Other Criteria is a publishing company co-owned by Damien Hirst, which publishes books, prints, editions, clothing and posters by Damien Hirst and other artists.
Snowblind - Robert Sabbag and Damien Hirst

B-Side Recorded - Johannes Albers

Siren City - Johnnie Shand Kydd
Golden Plane - Gonzalo Lebrija
Beautiful Inside My Head Forever - Damien Hirst 
Thirteen - Phillip Allen 
Backgammon Set - Black 962 and C/Frost S2000
Daniel Chadwick

Echo - Paul Hosking

8 Minutes: Hirst & Bailey
Damien Hirst and David Bailey

Magnificent 7 - Damien Hirst

The Complete Medicine Cabinets - Damien Hirst

2 Pills / 6 Pills - Damien Hirst

Uncle Chair 2006 - Franz West
Four Cowboys - Richard Prince



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