April 07, 2011

Destello - Fundación / Colección JUMEX

Glimmer proposes to vindicate the imperceptible hemorrhage designated by "the principle of the spirit". It confirms a will to exalt intimate certainties of our life experience based on knowledge that constitutes itself as vision. This show undoubtedly goes against the grain of the inclinations toward intellectualization currently in fashion, and congratulates itself for it. Glimmer is an attempt to remind us that artistic gestures still hang onto that powerful, ancient specificity: a practice of knowledge acquirable in immanence, the latent tangentiality of what the mystics called revelation.
Many of these works confirm that - above all- the experience of art deals with gaining access to a contagion with what remains unsaid, to penetrate that defect of its mute revelation as a vision of language, by way of its successive veils. It is not in the symbol, nor in interpretation nor in an exaltation of motive, it is not in history. The vision in art implies participation in a presence that secrets its own gnosis, and gives away - as language; ecstatic - the eloquence of the veiled to our most subtle physiology.
As such, Glimmer aspires to enjoy itself like an imperfect liturgy on the "old" domains of fragility and intimacy; it seeks to defend the inheritance of this gift for our times. The works brought together here speak of the emergence of human consciousness and of its gestures of spiritual or psychic resurrection. Some pieces achieve articulating small stories, creating communities from their potential for resistance. Not all manage to transcend their life arguments; however, they do confirm a temporality in their desire and death drives. And that temporality would seem to proclaim the utopian destiny of our species.
To be immortal and then die.

Osvaldo Sánchez
Martin Creed - "Work 467 /Small Things"
Hiroshi Sugimoto - "Caribbean Sea"

Edgar de Souza - "Grande Escorrido"

Sarah Lucas - "Love - Sculpture for the blind"

Doug Aitken - "Electric Earth"

Mike Kelley - "Bladder"
Félix González-Torres - "Untitled - Sand"

Denise de la Rue - "José Mauricio Moret"

Glenn Ligon 

Jeff Wall 

Jim Hodges - "Somewhere Between Here and There"
Simon Periton 

Louise Bourgeois - "Spider IV"

Elmgreen & Dragset - "Boy Scout"
Jeff Burton - "Eugenio López"

Gary Simmons - "Hypnotize"

April 8 - September 30
Fundación / Colección JUMEX
Mexico City


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